Just for the Kids – Minimum 6 Students ($25-35pp)

Most classes last about 3 hours, and the menu can be customized. Menus below are simply suggestions from past classes. All classes include “edu-taining” hands-on instruction, use of aprons, recipe packets, menu board, some cleanup and more!

Mexi Fiesta  In this hands-on class, kids will make:

  • Homemade Corn Tortillas 
  • Pico de Gallo Salsa 
  • Grilled Chicken filling
  • Rice
  • Black Beans
  • Mexican Chocolate Ice Pops

Ravishing Ravioli  In this hands-on class, kids make

  • Basic Egg Pasta
  • Homemade Ravioli with a Ricotta Filling
  • Tomato-Pancetta Sauce/Brown Butter Sage Sauce
  • Chocolate/Berry Tiramisu
Pizza Birthday Party

Making pizza!

Pizza Party  In this hands-on class, kids make

  • Multigrain/Traditonal Pizza Dough for Personal Pizza
  • All-purpose Pizza Sauce
  • Various toppings
  • Fruit Crisp